Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, I'm writing about Batman, race, performativity and the grotesque right now. Nearing the end of chapter four (now chapter one) and feeling pretty positive.

And then people have to go and make a Batman porno.

Yes, it is real, and no, I'm not linking you to the site where you can watch it. Pervert. Here is a nice safe trailer:

Please. Am I supposed to believe that Batman would be 'having relations' with anybody other than Robin?

"January 7, 2010-Holy porn parody, Batman! Vivid Entertainment Group today officially unveiled a teaser for Axel Braun's long-anticipated "BATMAN XXX" at the AEE show in Las Vegas. Featuring the top names in the adult entertainment world, and a production that spared no expenses in faithfully recreating the look and feel of the original, "BATMAN XXX" is a sexy spoof of the 60's Adam West/Burt Ward TV show. Coming soon on DVD and Blu-ray."

Well, at least they put some money into it. It had better be camp-to-the-max to justify its existence. Now it would be great if they could just stop talking about it until after I have presented my Batman paper next month.


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