Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday's Darkplace

Up to my neck in words today. Chapter four (which is now chapter one, meaning I have written my whole PhD in reverse) needs to be finished by last week.

Yes, it's Saturday night. No, that makes no practical difference to my life at all.

Happily, my Dame Sally phase seems to have passed over and I'm now feeling more like Garth Marenghi. Did you know he invented the internet back in 1976?

Dream-weaver. Visionary.

(If you haven't watched Garth Marenghi's Darkplace you are missing out.)

I also have a conference paper to write. This is good, because it involves a different style of writing to that of the chapter, so acts as a 'break' of sorts. Of course, I will have to present this in-person, to other actual humans, so there is that minor stress involved. Nothing like delivering your best line, only to be greeted with this:

No, a conference presentation is not a stand-up routine. But I strongly believe it should be enjoyable, as well as academically stimulating. Also, I don't want anyone to fall asleep. Perhaps a musical number...

Maybe not.

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