Sunday, March 7, 2010

Go See

The excellent Kate MacDowell, who I have posted about on this blog before, is having some exhibitions this year. Just in case anyone is lucky enough to be able to go, here is where her work will be on show:

At the Earth Matters exhibit at the Galleries of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, from March 10 until April 10.

At the Summer Workshop Preview Exhibition, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, New Mexico, from March 5 until April 17.

At the Corporeal Manifestations special exhibit at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, from February 2 until August 2. This whole exhibit looks particularly interesting.

MacDowell is also teaching a ceramics workshop called "Transforming the Natural World" this August 16th to 20th at Santa Fe Clay. If I actually lived in America, you better believe I'd be there. I've used play dough. How hard can it be?

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