Saturday, March 27, 2010

Medusa and the City

Remember the Medusa from my Ray Harryhausen post? Well I took the day off and went shopping today. Amidst the storm of bags and money that followed, I saw this:

Just goes to show that you cannot escape the grotesque, even when you try. She is Lady Vashj from World of Warcraft. I don't play WOW, but the characters are amazing to look at. I really want this, by the way. I might have to go back and buy it. For research... you know.

It seems like Medusa is back in vogue these days; although I can't say I approve of the disrespect shown her in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief:

How rude. Casting an informal look over the movies that have featured her recently, it seems the Medusa has been interpreted as a comedic figure more than once. Take the synopsis of Medusa: First Date (2004):

"Things aren’t looking too promising when Medusa goes out on a first date with mild mannered physicist Eric. Everyone’s naturally a little nervous (what with the snakes for hair) and it’s only when Medusa is invited up for coffee that things take a turn for the better, that is until she introduces herself to his parrot…"

Or Medusa (2003):

"It's hard for a well-meaning Gorgon to find love in the big city, When Medusa decides to seek a partner using a video dating service, it can only end in stony tragedy. Aided by her close friend Cupid, she embarks on a series of romantic adventures, but none of her suitors had counted on the jealousy of those snakes."

Honestly. I really feel that the Medusa would be far too busy annihilating people to worry about her lack of heterosexual union. It should be taken as a given that all monsters, male and female, are romantically challenged. Even if she did want a mate, surely Medusa would prefer another powerful monster rather than a human. She is not Carrie from Sex and the City. If she was, Big would have been turned to stone in the first episode. Come to think of it, so would Miranda and all of the other characters. So the rest of the season would just be Medusa writing her column about how much she hates puny humans and wants to kill them.

Actually... I've changed my mind. That would be a pretty good show.

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