Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hoow Many Pages?

Feeling a bit like Little Britain's Dame Sally Markham today.

Perhaps I'm not quite so bad, but you get the idea.

Did you know Dame Sally is modeled on prolific romance novelist Dame Barbara Cartland?

Despite her views on women who work, Cartland wrote 664 novels in her lifetime. Sounds like a pretty solid career to me. Perhaps putting on something pink will boost my productivity...


  1. Barbara Cartland, who was parodied as "Barbara Cartload" on the now ancient BBC radio programme "Round the Horne", actually wrote one book 664 times (or so the joke goes)!

  2. How dare you! I'm sure The Lady in Mauve is completely different to The Lady in White.. heaps more tobogganing and bible reading.

    I'd love to find a copy of a Barbara Cartload sketch. There are a few 'Round the Horne' clips on YouTube, but I can't see any that include her so far.

  3. I'm afraid that my *tape* collection was consigned to the bin years ago. My Dad used to tape Round the Horne and The Goon Show for me whenever they were on the radio. If I was home sick from school I'd listen to them one after the other. (I could never read when I was ill, it just made me feel worse.)

  4. Oh, I loved The Goon Show! You know Little Britain started as a BBC radio program... as did The League of Gentlemen (which was originally a BBC radio series called "On the Town with The League of Gentlemen").

    In the context of my pondering on so called 'grotesque music', these radio programs could be seen as examples of 'the grotesque' as an auditory phenomenon. This would be a notion of grotesqueness based on suggestion and sound, rather than visual representation.

    I feel a blog post coming on.