Sunday, August 1, 2010

Myths and Monsters

The Horniman Museum in London is currently hosting an exhibition called 'Myths and Monsters' which explores "weird and wonderful creatures from around the world, and even outer space." They are billing this as a children's attraction, but it looks like a good day out for monstrosity lovers of all ages. I'd be there with bells on, if it weren't for a really disgraceful amount of water between the continents.

The exhibition aims to examine "the ways in which the stories behind the fabulous creatures have developed," including how "different legends are created in different parts of the world depending on local stories, climate and religious beliefs, [and how] monsters are created through human imagination or fear."

Taking pride of place are "five impressive animatronic models (a dragon, a chimera, a yeti, a cyclops and an alien)." My friend Tammy visited recently, and was kind enough to share her pics of these figures.

I like how the museum website refers to the Chimera (below) as "biologically complicated." An excellent description of the grotesque, really.

I also included a photo of me eating my lunch:

But seriously, I think it's excellent that young people are being encouraged to think critically about monstrosity. You can watch a pretty cool video of the animatronics in motion here, and see a bit more of what is on offer at the museum.

FrightFest is on in London this month also, if you are a fan of horror and/or monsters.

[Thanks Tammy!]

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  1. "I also included a photo of me eating my lunch" -- hahahahahha