Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Grotesque Romance

So the zombies are done, for now. It's grotesque time again.

In celebration, here is "Grotesque Creature" written by Hitoshi Sakimoto for the video game Vagrant Story.

It is nice to hear a song with 'grotesque' in the title that isn't metal and does not prominently feature vomit and/or disembowelment.

Here is another non-metal example; "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance" by Machigerita-P.

What is a "grotesque romance"? Is it inspired by the H.G. Wells story?

The lyrics give us a clue:

I wish I could touch your face, stroke your face, my sweetheart
Oh my, my, you have a guest?
What a pretty girl she is!
Tell me how much you love her
I'll kill her and pack her up


You can do anything you want to me
Because I love you this much, you see?
I wanna keep you completely riveted and I wanna have a collection of you
Why are you crying?
What's wrong? Oh, this one?
I'll affectionately hold a cardboard box that you'll be put in when you're dead


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