Friday, August 6, 2010


I enjoy the man-bag.

Partly due to the simple fact that it has the word 'man' in front of it. Usually the generic form is associated with the male, while the female form requires a qualifier. Eg: 'soccer' versus 'women's soccer.'

The man-bag has perhaps evolved via the larger assumption that clothing, accessories and beauty related doings are women's business - so it hardly points to feminist principles at work. (I often notice 'men's' haircuts/shampoo being sectioned off as a special category of hair care, as opposed to the general 'hair' world that women are involved with.) Still...

For those of you who are slightly dubious, or have ever wondered the how, where, and why of man-baggery, I give you this, the manliest of them all:

So now you know.

Short of constructing yourself a handy pouch out of corrugated iron or the still-twitching scalps of your enemies, I don't see how you could out-man this bag.

I just like saying man-bag.


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