Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Jewellery of Dr Moreau

I recently discovered the animal themed works of Tithi Kutchamuch.

She says:

"Growing up, I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have some sort of animal in the house. At one point we even had peacocks, hedgehogs and a gibbon ape. Even though I’m travelling quite a lot, living in London was the very first time that I didn’t have any animals around me. I began making my first collection, A Secret Friend, a few months after I found out that my dog at my parent home in Bangkok pass away. For me animals and sculpture represent a strong sense of home. The jewellery I make is a way of bringing a piece of home with me."

Most of her work is pretty cute.

This, however, takes it to the next level:

As Kutchamuch says, she views her works primarily as loving tributes to animal friends. In the context of environmental destruction and mass extinctions however, it is hard to deny the poignancy of wearing a creature's organs around your neck. Quite a comment on our culture of consumption and self beautification. It's disturbing. I approve.

[Via Street Anatomy]

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