Friday, April 30, 2010

New York

By popular demand, here are a whole bunch of New York pics from my travels so far. I've seen many weird and wonderful things. Like this Dr Seuss chimney:

And a bus with a pretty serious muffin top:

The elusive bag monster and its highly skilled handler:

You can buy anything on the street, from ties to electrical equipment and books:

Also, Central Park is beautiful and huge.

I waited for ages, but Mr Tumnus totally didn't show up.

When it goes over 18C, New Yorkers assemble in Sheep Meadow and take their shirts off.

See, I was there:

I was going for Steve Irwin meets AbFab.

Saw a pretty amazing break dancing group putting on a show for the tourists.

This horse really wanted to watch.

And then I think I saw the Statue of Liberty... but I'm not sure.

Whatever it was, it was big and scary.

This was pretty much the best moment of my day, for sheer cuteness value.

It has a NUT for goodness sake. I love squirrels.


See, I can like nice things.

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