Thursday, April 22, 2010

Virginia's Grotesques

Well, I'm officially blogging from the town (city?) of Roanoke in Virginia, USA. Without going into too much detail, the trip here was long and difficult. Totally worth it, however, because I have already found much grotesqueness to entertain me. I visited some of the local art galleries today, so here are a few pics of my favourite works so far.

These are by local artist Greg Ballou:

I overheard a young woman telling her boyfriend that she wanted the Wizard of Oz sculpture "more than she had ever wanted anything in her life." I'm sure he was thrilled by this statement. But I totally understand the feeling.

These are by Mary Tousman:

These are by Cheryl Dolby, who I was lucky enough to meet at the gallery:

Amazing. Anybody who finds themselves near Roanoke should definitely check out the local galleries.

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