Friday, April 23, 2010

Jar Head

I visited the Taubman Museum of Art today, which is very close to the conference center where I'm staying. (I should make clear that my previous pics come from the sale gallery at the Center in the Square on Campbell Ave, Roanoke). I found this jar interesting, as it reminds me of the 'Grotesque heads' I have discussed previously on this blog. It was made from ceramic by Sid Luck and Stacy Lambert.

Here we see, once again, the merging of human and nonhuman; men's faces erupting from an otherwise functional object. This sculpture was from the contemporary gallery, where the theme of human/nonhuman was everywhere to be seen. I also really liked these two figures, sitting quietly at different points in the museum:

The one above was modeled from plastic, perhaps Glad-Wrap. The one below was covered in fake fur.

I couldn't find an artist's name anywhere, but perhaps someone else knows who made them? Please let me know if you do.

Then there was this, by Judith Schaechter, which I found quite mesmerizing:

The description was illuminating, so I've included it here as well.

The conference proper begins this evening, with an opening presentation by Alondra Nelson, so I probably won't have anymore time to sightsee. It was definitely a good idea to arrive early.

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