Sunday, July 11, 2010

On The Inside

I don't have very high expectations of our newspapers here in Perth. Even less the 'health and beauty' style articles, which inevitably revolve around what products I am required to purchase in order to fight off the daily scourge of pimples/age/hair/life in general.

But this made me choke on my bran flakes.

That's right. Not only does disgusting fat coat the outside of women's bodies, it fills us up from the inside as well. Secretly. Insidiously. Internally.

Even skinny girls are fat; are literally made of fat. Women are so gross.

I had to laugh at the juxtaposition of these pages.

Paging Dr Hypocrite!

And there is more, since we are on the subject. All in the same 'body and soul' lift-out.

Mind, body, face. Even our ears are grotesque. Ritual cleansing time!

But, wait... What about men??


Do it better, Perth.

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