Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bag Lady

Back from the Imaging Identity symposium in our nation's capital: the cold and foggy Canberra. It was a really great event, and I will talk more about it once my thoughts are in order. First, let me just show off the success of my 'one bag' strategy.

Here is my luggage, in its entirety (next to a boot for size comparison):

Small bag, big hotel room. That's just how I roll.

I was presented with another bag upon arriving at the symposium. All attendees received a collection of loot, which I shall now proceed to gloat over in the usual fashion.

From the bag, to the catering, to the timekeeping and technical elements, the event was extremely well organised and a credit to ANU and the Portrait Gallery.

I only wish the man sitting next to me on the plane home was so well put together. After his 9th beer (yes, really) it seems I was starting to look a lot like Scarlett Johansson and/or a young Pamela Anderson. HE, on the other hand, was smelling a bit ripe.


  1. wow -- judging from the contents in that conference bag, it must be a great conference! Those little badges look particularly lovely!

  2. It must have taken them ages to put together, because each bag had a different assortment of badges, which were pinned in a different arrangement! The whole event was organised with that kind of detail.

  3. No! Really? Each bag had different badges! Wow!