Friday, July 2, 2010

Death Note

This is Rem from Death Note; part of my Supanova loot. Death Note (2003-2006) is a Japanese manga comic series about a notepad which causes the death of those whose names are written within it. The story has also been made into live action movies and an anime series:

As someone who spends most of their time reading and writing, I like the idea that a simple note pad can change the world. This trailer is pretty melodramatic, but it gets (w)right to the point:

In the story, Rem is a Shinigami (meaning "death god"). As the Urban Dictionary puts it, they are the equivalent of the Grim Reaper in Western culture. Rem is also female, which makes me like the figure even more. So fierce.

I like the bony exoskeleton structure of her body, as well as the piratical eye patch and earring. She also has no feet and seems to be emerging from the ground like a long buried corpse rising from the dead.

Wield your pen wisely...

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