Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(Hu)Man -Things: Patched Together

If you are a fan of Threadless you should definitely check out Patch Together, a site where you can submit designs for your own toys.

"Think you can design? Now have it send to us and we will show it to the world! Select one of the three categories you want to participate. Toy: This can be an image of the designer toys in your mind or the ones you already made, it can be anything that you can possibly think of, surprise us! Everyday product: you can now submit ANY random ideas you would like made into a product. It can be non-toy related. Flash: A small animation you made, of course, it has to be cool and smart."

Users vote for their favourite designs and the most popular get made into a figurine that people can purchase. This is such a brilliant idea, and I'm kicking myself for missing out on the Tentatiger:

Hippocamp the Seal Horse is also pretty cool:

I also like the Glowing Mushroom Wolf:

Or even Miss Mary Jane, the broccolicious version of Marge Simpson:

The designs themselves are good browsing material. Hybrid bodies seems to be a huge theme here also, for example this Toucan Griffin:

I find it interesting that so many choose to design animal/human/plant bodies, given the open nature of the project. Then again, the act of creating something popular does seem to require invention, as well as general artistic skill. The more unique and startling your design, maybe the more people will vote for it. This is a good one, the Hodgepodge Cyborg:

Rio from Tomopop got himself a Tentatiger, and he reviews the quality of the final product here.

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