Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Metaphors Attack

Considering today is the second day in a row the temperature in my garden has reached 45.7C, I don't feel quite able to provide the erudite prose that might otherwise spring from my fountain pen/bedazzled keyboard.

(In the spirit of 'screenshot or it didn't happen' - I have pictorial evidence of the actual temperature gauge that I will put up later. It was 45.7. Do not believe the TV news, they always undercut the actual temp by about 5 degrees to avoid everyone chucking a sickie.)

EDIT: here we go. It was overcast, which is why the gauge is predicting rain. Rain would have been nice.

In any case, I thought I would take the opportunity to draw attention to a startling example of metaphors on the rampage.

Not sure how I missed this movie. I'm pretty sure hoards of writhing phalli slurping across front lawns would have caught my attention.

Now, I will agree that this is not a particularly subtle example. The catchphrase "what's gotten into you" isn't too bad, nice double entendre. "They're doing things to people" ... fine, fine. But "don't let 'em in your mouth"? That is taking it to the next level.

And this is just the trailer. Obviously I will be renting this movie over the weekend for research purposes.


  1. 'for research purposes' -- one of the things I often say....

  2. Considering I have so far written on video games, comics, celebrity magazines and TV shows... pretty much my whole life happens for 'research purposes.'