Thursday, January 21, 2010

(Hu)Man -Thing 3

Here is another entry relevant to the human/nonhuman theme I have been posting about for a while. Dutch artist Iris Schieferstein has recently attracted attention for her creative boot-making:

Hoof shoes are apparently a growing trend, one which seems to be taking the merging of human/animal/object into fashion territory. I visited her site for more details and found an unexpected bounty; beginning with this intriguing introductory statement:

"For many years, Iris Schieferstein has worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art. She joins the fragments together to [make] new creatures and thus gives a new face to death."

Schieferstein preserves animal bodies with formaldehyde, before grafting different body parts together to create new forms. This is a literalisation of the traditional 'grotesque style' of art in which bodies were assembled from assorted species and objects to create fantastical results.

Amazing. See more in her galleries here and here.

[via InventorSpot, pics taken by Stephan Rabold]

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