Monday, April 4, 2011

Se7en Things

I would like to say a quick hello to all the new people visiting this blog. April has only just begun, but Groteskology has already had more visits in 2011 than in the whole of 2010! Greetings, people of the Internet. I salute you.

Hila was kind enough to tag me with a versatile blogger award on her lovely blog. The award entails sharing seven facts about yourself, plus tagging others who might also like to share and pass it on. I'm going to tag Eleanor (robot expert) and Tammy (literature and poetry guru) for being awesome.

I had some trouble thinking of seven facts, but here goes...

1. I have a very loud laugh. People have claimed to hear it across great distances and through multiple walls. Combine this with my general impression that life is wacky, and you get a fair bit of noise pollution. Luckily I work from home. That was at least three facts. I'm not doing this correctly.

2. I completed a BA in Communication Studies (at UWA) in 2005. I sometimes wonder if an English degree would have given me a better foundation for my PhD.

3. One of my all-time favourite books is Illusion by Paula Volsky. It is a fantastical re-telling of the French Revolution involving political intrigue, sentient killing machines and impoverished street urchins. I find the riches-to-rags plot totally compelling. It is one of the few books I re-read on a regular basis.


4. I eat the exact same thing for lunch every day. It is one of the many things Jennifer Aniston and I have in common.

5. I do not own a single pair of high heel shoes. I borrowed a pair once, for bridesmaid duty, and the resulting blood blisters on my toes made grown men cringe in horror and disgust.

6. I wrote a feature film script for my Honours in creative writing. It is a sci-fi comedy set in outback Australia called 'The Wombat Principle.' Lots of ridiculous characters, aliens and a nonsense plot. The Australian film industry isn't exactly booming, but I'm hoping to get back to screenwriting once I finish my PhD.

7. I have a bunny. His name is Leonard, after the main character in Memento. I liked how Joe Pantoliano's character shouted "Lenneeee" all the time. Now I have an excuse to do the same. I got Lenny in my first year of university. He is now 10 years old, lives in his cage in my office, and spends his time sleeping and playing with newspaper

He also enjoys hiding.

And putting his ears in things.

You just know this whole post was an excuse to post pictures of my bunny.


Proof that Lenny is sometimes awake! Here he is doing some newspaper origami:


  1. who needs an excuse to post pictures of bunnies? He's sooo cute! Love those floppy ears casually falling into the water dish. How freaking adorable. My cat has big ears too :)

    As I suspected, this list confirms you're cool (by the Hila-barometer of cool, ha). I think I might hunt down a copy of 'Illusion', it looks great.

  2. Do you have any photographs of Lenny awake?

  3. @Hila - You can borrow my copy if you like, although it is a bit yellowed and ratty. Her other books are good to. Especially 'The White Tribunal' and 'The Wolf of Winter.'

    @Eleanor - Just like a real boy, Lenny is angelic when sleeping and all action when awake! 90% of the awake photos are blurry, but I will hunt out a good one just for you.

  4. *too

    Ok I found a non-blurry photo.