Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gross Intermission

I'm really busy with Thesis Stuff right now, so the Grotesk blogging journey has slowed somewhat. Never fear. It will soon return, stronger than ever. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favourite advertisements from X-Men #41 (1963).

Superhero comics of the 60s clearly traffic in shame.

I'm interested to see that stories about heroic super dudes are accompanied by advertisements targeting readers who are encouraged to see themselves as physically and socially inferior. It somewhat reminds me of women's magazines today. The old 'look at this model now buy a concealer and a detox program you fatty' trick. Old as the hills.

Please note - at no point should you apply a "vacuum pump" to your pimples. Even if it is "scientifically designed." At least try Clearasil first. I'm just saying.

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