Friday, January 21, 2011

Once Upon A Wall of Stone

I found this excellent Gothic nursery rhyme the other day.

All the angels in heaven
And Demons below
Were soaked in yoke
As they fought for his soul.

The puppets were created by CartBeforeTheHorse, a husband and wife team:

"A two-person company of artists, they make contemporary folk art pieces from their home in Oregon. All of their creations are made one at a time with their own hands."

Many of their pieces depict human/animal/machine hybrids. For instance, Katie Pillar:


And Darcie Fish:


These very much remind me of traditional grotesque designs. And yet most probably wouldn't think to call them 'grotesque,' because their folksy charm does not suit contemporary usages and understandings of the word. There is nothing 'gross' about them. Interesting to observe how the composite body appears in so many different spheres of creative practice.

The skeletons are pretty amazing, as well. They get a starring role in this video.

You can check out many more creations at their website here.

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