Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Most Beautiful Bookshop In The World

No, really. It's on the sign.

And who are we to disagree?

I was going to keep this treasure to myself, but... the world needs to know.

Books and boats? Books in boats? Life complete.

Something for everyone.

Speaking of 3D...

When I first stumbled across the Libreria Acqua Alta di Frizzo Luigi (or, the High Water Library of Frizzo Luigi), the man behind the counter - Frizzo himself? - was keen to show me his prized possession: a three dimensional image of Venetian canals that appears to move as you pass. "You speak English? Look at that picture! Now go to the staircase made of books!" My second visit involved the exact same ritual.

Indeed, the exhortation is repeated for each customer, who must first look at 3D Venice before being directed, gently but firmly, towards the rear of the shop. He seems to have memorized these instruction in various languages, including French, Dutch and English for the tourists.

I didn't see many customers going up, but I sure did.

In all honesty, the stairs are a bit wobbly, but the view over the wall to the canal is very nice.

More people should build things out of books.

On my way out, I commented to Frizzo that his sign is correct. His is The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World. Gratified, he offered me a piece of rather timely advice, casting a dire look towards the exit: "You be careful. There are lots of Casanovas."

If you would like to visit this Casanova-free oasis, please go and see the grotesque head from my previous post. Once you have paid your respects, go to the East side of the tower, put your back to it, and walk straight ahead down Calle Longa S. M. Formosa, where Frizzo awaits your appreciation.

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  1. I'd imagine this is what heaven looks like, plus coffee, of course.