Saturday, June 30, 2012

Capture The Castle: Part Two

Stirling Castle is lovely, although quite different to Craigmillar Castle. Presiding over the town of Stirling, sitting atop Castle Hill, the view from the battlements stretches far into the distance.

The grounds are extensive, including many separate buildings. My favourite part of the castle is the Royal Palace, which is thoroughly Gothic: covered in statues and gargoyles.

To illustrate how the castle would have looked in its original state, the Great Hall has been coated in a honey coloured plaster.

The interior has also been reconstructed to reflect the vivid furnishings and colours of the original royal apartments. These decorations involve lots of examples of the traditional grotesque style, so I approve.

So many colours.

But of course, as always, nature provides the most impressive spectacle.

Love it.

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