Thursday, May 31, 2012

Throw Me The Idol


Hello blog friends.

In just over a week I will be going overseas to see and do a variety of things.

Now, I'm not an expert on travel, but I believe it involves moving around, having experiences, and meeting new people...

["Farmer Giles and his wife shewing off their daughter Betty to their neighbours, on her return from school" by Gillray (1809). Via]

Cue hermit crisis!

Despite my social phobias I plan on making this a real Grotesque Adventure, taking in a bunch of sites and sights that are significant to the history of the grotesque.


My travel blogging in times past has been patchy at best, and because I'm not really sure what my two readers (hi mum and dad) want to know about, I figured I would try out Blogger's poll gadget and ask.

The poll is in the sidebar just above.

Please feel free to click it and register your vote(s). No pressure, of course. There are no right or wrong answers. Plus it's multiple choice, my favourite.

I hope at least one of you two picks the last one because I sure love to gloat. Keyword search loot for examples of that shameful practice.

[Edit] Okay, the winning option is "Anything interesting, grotesque, weird, historical" - so that's what I'll blog about during my trip.


  1. Please bring me back a hunk of Domus Aurea fresco. One with a visible grotesque head if poss. Surely they won't miss ONE head hunk?!
    (& oh yeah, have a great time too!)

  2. Well okay, one hunk of fresco coming up. Might have to bring a bigger backpack... Or perhaps one of those fake pregnancy bellies would do the trick.