Saturday, April 28, 2012

If You Never Get There

[The House of ? Via

If you have an interest in the Gothic and fantastical, I highly recommend exploring the beautifully sensitive work of Swedish artist and animator Alexander Jansson.

[The Voyage. Via

[Dolores. Via

[The House of Zoundra Sealea. Via

[New Years Eve. Via]

Notice the travel theme here? I'm starting to get excited about my trip... grotesque journey coming soon!

[Sorychta Sisters. Via]

Jansson has created some evocative short films, including Uno and The Curious Kind:

 He is also working on a graphic novel, which I can't wait to read. The trailer is difficult to resist:


To see lots more (in much better resolution/detail), visit Jansson's website here and his deviantArt page.

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