Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twas Brillig

2011 has been pretty momentous. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

Still thinking about how this blog might evolve in the coming months, and what purposes (educational or otherwise) it could serve now that I'm technically no longer a grad student.

In any case, having done the seemingly impossible this year (finished my PhD), I definitely have a plan for 2012.

My resolutions: first, I will achieve physical perfection. After watching this instructional video, I'm quite sure it's possible.

Then, I will join the cast of an inexplicably popular yet bodacious television program.

Next I will use my fame and wealth to genetically engineer a species of grotesque creatures who will call me mother and take over New Zealand.


It is going to be so great.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented this year. I appreciate you all. Happy New Year. Please call again.


  1. New Zealand is spoken for. Other than that, may 2012 fulfill your every expectation!

  2. Okay fine, I'll start with Papua New Guinea - it's closer anyway!