Sunday, June 19, 2011


I recently discovered Cyriak Harris, a freelance multimedia artist and animator from the UK. His work has a delirious yet strangely compelling 'Monty Python meets Escher' vibe, as exemplified by this video:

Cyriak is very interesting to me, because his surreal work is ideally suited to the internet. It reflects the viewpoint of someone very familiar with online memes and themes. But it also draws on older artistic traditions, remodeling them in the context of contemporary media forms.

The artist comments that:

"Like some kind of animated stew, the ingredients of this video simmered and bubbled for about 2 years before I tipped it steaming onto the internet. The screams echo to this day."

Check out lots more of Cyriak's music, comics, paintings, gifs and videos at his website here. I especially like this video, in which the cast of 'Eastenders' become zombies and eat brains. So great.


  1. zombies and eastenders, awesome. quite an apt metaphor really, I used to watch eastenders with my UK room-mates while mutually recovering from hangovers. Zombie minds, zombie show :)

  2. I think I might even start watching 'Home and Away' again if the undead made an appearance. The zombies could invade the beach, and the locals could fight back on surfboards.