Friday, March 18, 2011


Another amazing female artist discovery: Sarah-Jane Lynagh.

Lynagh is an Irish artist whose work:
"revolves around a cluster of issues chief among which are sexuality, death, identity, abjection, the monstrous feminine and loss. Despite the universal importance of these issues her work remains firmly grounded in the specifics of her individual experience.

Using unconventional materials such as offal and parts of dead animals she makes props which she then incorporates into video and photographic works where the body is of primary concern. Her intent is to turn the body inside out and subvert the role of the meat making it an attachment to the outer body in order to evoke feelings that something is habitual yet out of place and threatening.

Also, her aim is to create work that is simultaneously seductive and repellent and engages with the viewers desire to gain access to the subject through symbolization."

Cool hat.

The women/meat equation is not a new thing in art and academia (or popular discourse, for that matter, judging from the number of times I've read the phrase 'treated like a piece of meat') but I do find it interesting to see the different ways in which individual artists work through the idea for themselves.

The pic above reminds me of Daikichi Amano's squid pictures:

Not posting any more of those. You can go find them if you like, but I take no responsibility for trauma caused.

[Via Trend Hunter and Cakehead Loves Evil]


  1. I like the duck-head hairpiece!

  2. But you should take responsibility for the trauma caused, I'm scared!

    awesome, in a totally freakish sort of way.