Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Blog, Old Blog


So. I decided to change the blog template. Partly because I was getting bored with the old look. Partly because it didn't allow for any adjustments or customisation at all.

Of course, within 24 hours I have become nostalgic for the old blog and want to change it back. I miss the good old days. As it turns out, changing back isn't possible. The other design was so old that they don't offer it as an option anymore. Can't go back. Ain't that just like life.

Probably for the best.

In any case, I am still undecided about the current template/background. I appreciated the last design because it was somewhat homey and had a reassuring old bookshop wallpaper feel. Not keen on white backgrounds, to be honest. I know they are seen as 'cleaner' (and, I dare say, more professional and academic) but after spending my whole day reading and writing black text on white backgrounds it is all too much. A blog is not a thesis, an essay, a book or a journal article. And I like to be reminded of that fact.

It also feels a bit like false advertising. I don't consider this to be an academic blog. It's more of a series of enjoyable mind splurges. Messy and multifarious. I would feel awkward and inhibited if it was all crisp and official looking on here. Odd? Perhaps. But there it is.


Long story short: I might keep this background, I might play around a bit more, but the content will stay the same. All grotesque. All the time.

One last thing... if anyone has ideas for potential 'grotesque' backgrounds please let me know. Within reason. (Eg, I do not want nipple wallpaper or blood smeared corpses. Awesome, but too distracting in the long run.)

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