Friday, November 26, 2010

Eye See

Have you heard of the Freaking News website? Me neither. Until I found these images in a random search for 'grotesque' pics.

That's right, celebrities with eyes in their mouths. Genius!

Freaking News is apparently a site that hosts Photoshop competitions, or something of that nature. Being the internet, it could all be some elaborate scheme to make us inadvertently purchase beauty products or catch a computer virus.

But anything that puts eyes in mouths can't be that bad. Right? In any case, the whole site is a bonanza of body morphing.

Calls for pictures are sent out on a particular theme, such as 'One-Legged Celebrities.'

Or 'Celebrities Upside Down.'

If you can put an eye in a mouth, why not a mouth in an eye?

More here. Warning: some things cannot be unseen.


  1. the paris hilton one is my favourite :)

    I have to admit, these do freak me out just a bit.

    p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a lovely lady, please do enter if you like the rings!

  2. There is a heinous eye/mouth pic of Hilary Clinton that I avoided posting for fear of giving everyone indigestion.

    Ooh I love free stuff. Your blog is so pretty. Maybe I should host a grotesque give away? Think of the possibilities... hmmm...

  3. oh yes, please do! I love the idea of a grotesque giveaway ...