Thursday, October 28, 2010

Short, Not Always Sweet

Music videos are under-appreciated and under-analysed in the academic context, I think.

I like the Alien-esque body morphing and antisocial clone action in this video for Aphex Twin by visual artist Chris Cunningham.

(Although 'like' probably isn't the right word. As Miss Cakehead says, if this video doesn't frighten you: "seek help!")

Cunningham was also behind this award winning video for Bjork. Much more gentle, this one.

He made a short film called Rubber Johnny, which, as one YouTube user commented, "would give David Lynch diarrhea." It is quite disturbing. I won't be posting it, but feel free to go check the video out here. Leave the light on.

Plenty of grotesquerie to examine in relation to Cunningham's work. I'm not comfortable with much of it, but that's usually a sign that something interesting is going on.

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