Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Did you know the grotesque had its very own font? When I heard the name 'Grotext' I assumed it would be something a bit wild, maybe like this...

No, this is Hirsute Futura. Surely a grotesque font would be a little controversial or thrilling? Something like this...

BloodFeast. Perfect for university assignments, resumes and party invitations. What about a creepy monster font?

Oh yeah. At the very least something wacky and weird. How about Tim Yarzhombeck's typography of beards!

So many options. So what is the grotesque font?

According to the Karsten Luecke Type Foundry: "Grotext preserves a human touch. And history. Whereas most contemporary typefaces assimilate lowercase and uppercase, Grotext does the opposite and emphasizes the difference: Its narrow lowercase make it a space-saver. Its uppercase are wide & classically proportioned... its shapes give it a technical flair."

Um, well. I guess it's... tidy. At least it has technical flair. Right?

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