Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter #4

I'm thinking of looking at comics for my forth chapter, primarily because I have discovered a recent (2007) Batman series devoted to our hero's battles with a freakish malignant named 'Grotesk.' Now, I haven't read any of the comics yet because I know myself too well. I have #1 and #4 - once I start reading I'm just going to get overexcited and skip the middle issues thus ruining the chronology and upsetting my waters.

Sometime in the next two weeks I will be receiving nearly every comic in which this 'Grotesk' character has starred. Bless the internet. These include such luminaries as Namore the Sub-Mariner (vol 1), The Avengers (vol 20) and The Mighty Thor (vol 481).

It has not escaped me that this chapter may well take my nerd quotient (over 9000!) beyond anything that has gone before.


  1. Hi Gwyneth,

    Is "Grotsk" another variant of the character's name or is it just the "e" went missing?

    [See in the paragraphs after the cute little Poison Ivy statue]


  2. That was a typo - fixed now. And Poison Ivy is not 'cute' but a fearsome foe!